New treatments available!

New treatments available!

We are now proudly offering botox and dermal fillers at Glen Lea Dental Suite due to popular demand!

Throughout September and October Glen Lea are offering free no obligation consultations (usually £35). Contact reception to arrange yours today. Read more about the treatments here.

Good news for tea lovers

Chemicals (“tea poluphenols”) from green tea have been used to create a product aimed to prevent sensitivity in your teeth. It may be some time before the product is available on the market.

We recommend always speaking to your dentist if you suffer from sensitive teeth as it could be a symptoms of an underlying condition.

Read the article here:

Bespoke Denture Service

Bespoke luxury denture range by Clinical Dental Technician André Edmundson.

We are proud to have Mr André Edmundson as part of the team at Glen Lea Dental Suite!

As a fully qualified clinical dental technician with 20 years of experience in denture design, André Edmundson provides a combination of clinical ability, technical expertise and craftmanship, and has the skills to create beautifully fitting, comfortable dentures.

Your dentures will be made personally by André, using high calibre materials, with technologies from the UK, Germany and Lichenstein.

Please contact reception by phone, email or in person to take advantage of this exculsive service, or  read more below.


Bespoke Denture Design – VITSA Basic by André Edmundson

The VITSA range of dentures are quality products, skillfully handcrafted to fit you perfectly.

Fantastic natural appearance

We offer bespoke denture design which can include characterisation of denture teeth and natural contour and colouring of gums. We can also “refurbish” your old dentures to make them look new again!


VITSA dentures are processed in an ultra high impact, fracture resistant resin.

Personal Service

Your first appointment is a complimentary, personal consultation. This is your oppurtunity to discuss what you would wish for from your dentures and any concerns or problems you are having. André will assess your needs and clearly explain all your options, the costs involved, the complete process and the results you can expect. You will leave with confidence and clarity to make your decision about your care.


Bespoke Denture Design – VITSA Ultimate by André Edmundson

All the features of the VITSA Basic option combined with superior aesthetics using the top luxury range of very natural looking teeth combined with a fantastic fit for a great denture for you.


Ultimate Rapide Denture Design  – VITSA Ultimate Rapide by André Edmundson


Although appointments for new dentures are usually weekly, over 4-8 weeks, there are options to condense these appointments without compromising on quality with the VITSA Ultimate Rapide service. You will have the full attention of a dedicated team of dental care professionals (it may include up to three dental technicians, a dentist and several dental nurses) for a full day to complete your new set of teeth in under 8 hours. Please contact reception to book an appointment with André for this permium service.


A denture is a removable appliance that replaces missing teeth. Some people may think of them as unsightly and view them with dread. However, with modern technology and advanced techniques dentures can be highly aesthetic and take years off your appearance.

They can replace one, several or all of your teeth. They are easy to maintain and alter if needed and do not require any preparations to any of your remaining teeth.

Typically full dentures will be made from acrylic and partial dentures from acrylic and a metal alloy framework. Modern techniques mean that we can now make highly cosmetic dentures from a nylon based material which is flexible and virtually unbreakable. This can give a tighter fitting yet more comfortable dentures.

We are happy to be able to offer the services of André Edmundson, our Clinical Dental Technician. Read more about André Edmundson and the Vital Smiles Aesthetics range of dentures here!

In complex cases, dentures can be retained by implants. This means that dentures will be held in securely to avoid the embarrassment of dropping dentures or the use of adhesives. Read more about dental implants here!