Bespoke Denture Design

Bespoke luxury denture range by Clinical Dental Technician, André Edmundson GDC No. 129799

We are proud to have Mr André Edmundson as part of the team at Glen Lea Dental Suite!

As a fully qualified clinical dental technician with 20 years of experience in denture design, André Edmundson provides a combination of clinical ability, technical expertise and craftmanship, and has the skills to create beautifully fitting, comfortable dentures.

Your dentures will be made personally by André, using high calibre materials, with technologies from the UK, Germany and Lichenstein. Together with Kate Edmundson, he also runs a dental laboratory, ViTSA.

Please contact reception by phone, email or in person to take advantage of this exclusive service, or  read more below.






Bespoke Denture Design – ViTSA Essence by André Edmundson

The ViTSA range of dentures are quality products, skillfully handcrafted to fit you beautifully.

Fantastic natural appearance

We offer bespoke denture design with high quality, natural looking teeth and contoured gum.


ViTSA dentures are processed in an ultra high impact, fracture resistant resin.

Personal Service

Your first appointment is a complimentary, personal consultation. This is your oppurtunity to discuss what you would wish for from your dentures and any concerns or problems you are having. André will assess your needs and clearly explain all your options, the costs involved, the complete process and the results you can expect. You will leave with confidence and clarity to make your decision about your care.

Bespoke Denture Design – ViTSA Ultimate by André Edmundson

All the features of the ViTSA Basic option combined with superior aesthetics using the top luxury range of very natural looking teeth combined with a fantastic fit for a great denture for you. This can include characterisation of denture teeth and natural contour and colouring of gums.


Bespoke Denture Design – ViTSA Denture Refurbishing by André Edmundson

Sometimes a brand new denture is not needed. If you like your old denture but have some issues with it like frequent fractures or rubbing on the gum, it may be possible to adjust and adapt the denture instead of making a new one. We can also give it a “make-over” and upgrade the aesthetics which can make your old denture look new again.  Please contact reception for an appointment with Andre Edmundson to discuss your options.

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