Dental Examination

Dental Examination (‘Check-Up’)

At Glen Lea Dental Suite we recommend regular dental examinations to carefully monitor your oral health, provide preventive advice and hopefully intercept and be able to treat any problems early before they become significant and prior to you experiencing symptoms. Attending regularly for dental examinations will hopefully reduce the risk of you experiencing toothache and needing potentially more time-consuming and costly treatments. At your appointment we will check all the oral tissues for any abnormalities or signs of problems, carefully examine your teeth and existing fillings and assess the health of your gums.

We will also be happy to discuss any concerns you may have with your teeth or cosmetic improvements you may like.

Sometimes we need to take x-rays of your mouth to examine inside the teeth where we cannot see directly. These are very safe and we have a digital x-ray system so we can show the images to you on a screen to point out and discuss any findings.

After completing the examination your dentist will discuss their findings and advise on treatment required, options and costs. Based on your risk of developing certain dental problems the dentist will also advise how frequently you should return for your next examination.

We have intraoral cameras in our surgeries so can take close-up pictures of any problems in your mouth, and show them to you on a computer screen should you wish.

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