A denture is a removable appliance that replaces missing teeth. Some people may think of them as unsightly and view them with dread. However, with modern technology and advanced techniques dentures can be highly aesthetic and take years off your appearance.

They can replace one, several or all of your teeth. They are easy to maintain and alter if needed and do not require any preparations to any of your remaining teeth.

Typically full dentures will be made from acrylic and partial dentures from acrylic and a metal alloy framework. Modern techniques mean that we can now make highly cosmetic dentures from a nylon based material which is flexible and virtually unbreakable. This can give a tighter fitting yet more comfortable dentures.

We are happy to be able to offer the services of André Edmundson, our Clinical Dental Technician. Read more about André Edmundson and the Vital Smiles Aesthetics range of dentures here!

In complex cases, dentures can be retained by implants. This means that dentures will be held in securely to avoid the embarrassment of dropping dentures or the use of adhesives. Read more about dental implants here!

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