Sometimes there are no more options available to restore a tooth and it needs to be removed. Your Glen Lea Dental Suite dentist will discuss this with you.

The vast majority of extractions will be completed within the practice. If you want, you can be sedated for your extraction, taking away any anxiety you may feel and leaving you calm and relaxed. Read more here.

Few teeth may require a referral for removal.

When attending your appointment, ensure that you have eaten and taken your medication as usual unless requested by your Glen Lea Dental Suite dentist. We will do our best to keep you comfortable during the procedure.

The tooth or teeth that are removed can usually be replaced with either implants, a bridge or denture. It's important to replace teeth to prevent the remaining from drifting into new positions and restoring your smile.

Dental implants

Used to replace one or multiple teeth. Functional and secure, allowing you to smile with confidence.


Dental bridge

A fixed solution that uses your other teeth to fill a gap. A good option if you are not missing many teeth.


ViTSA dentures

Highly bespoke dentures created by Mr André Edmundson our clinical dental technician.


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