Sedation for dental treatment

Relaxed and calm during dental treatment?

No? We can help!

What is intravenous sedation?
It involves giving you a drug through a vein in your arm that makes you very relaxed and often a little sleepy.

What are the benefits of dental sedation?
Some people find going to the dentist fills them with anxiety. Sedation can take away the anxiety and leave you feeling calm and relaxed. You will be unaware of the dental treatment and you are most likely not going to remember anything of the procedure.
Even people who do not feel anxious about dental treatment choose to have sedation for long or complicated appointments so that they can feel totally relaxed. We still use local anaesthetic so there is no pain during the treatment either.

What are the risks?
All medical treatment carry risks. The drugs that we give you can slow down your breathing so you will be given oxygen during your treatment if you need it. We also monitor your blood pressure and blood oxygen levels closely throughout the procedure. An anaesthetist is present to keep you safe for the whole procedure.
Occasionally your arm may be bruised where the needle is inserted to give you the drugs and you may feel a little sleepy the rest of the day.

What are the alternatives?
The alternatives are inhalation sedation (laughing gas) or general anaesthetic, neither of which we provide at the practice but we can arrange a referral for this if it is your preference. You can also choose to just have local anaesthetic.

How can I find out more?
Speak to a team member today on or 01937 583502

Unfortunately not everyone is suitable for sedation in general dental practice. Your dentist can advise you on your suitability.


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